Complex examination of marbles from the Tisza Megaunit

Belonging to the crystalline basement of the Tisza Megaunit, Hungary, a-few-meter-thick marble bodies are known (e.g. Dorozsma marble, Baksa marble). Our knowledges of them, however, are rather restricted; some studies on general textural features and classification of index minerals have been reported previously. The so called Dorozsma High, a characteristic elevated block of the basement, is generally considered as an integral part of the Békés–Codru nappe system by most authors. Recently, however, it was attributed to the Biharia Unit which occupies the tectonical highest position of the Apuseni Mountains. Complex petrological and geochemical examination of the marbles of the Tisza Megaunit, especially those of the Dorozsma High, can provide an effective tool and independent evidences both for recognition of the crystalline basement and for resolving of open questions about the regional correlation.